Check out some of Kyle’s amazing work. Kyle has the skill of a master craftsman and uses the best tools and techniques available to shape metal into custom parts from gas tanks to entire car and truck bodies.

Want Kyle to turn your classic car into a masterpiece? Check out the¬†restoration and customization services¬†offered at Yocum’s Signature Hot Rods. Bring your vehicle in and you’ll agree that we provide the best classic repair and restoration work in Hampton Roads!

Check out photos of Kyle’s work on Instagram or browse the photo gallery here.

How To Do Lead Work

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Kyle shows us how he does lead work as he works on a door that needs some help.

Rat Rod Metal Work

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Kyle shows off an idea he’s working on for new seats for Mike Cann’s rat rod. Oh…and check out Mike’s amazing tattoo work at

64 Falcon, Update 3

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Kyle shows us what he’s built to support this beast.

1969 MGB Update

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Not only does Kyle give us an update on the 1969 MGB, he also shows us the challenging but beautiful “complex curve.”

What’s in the Shop

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In this update Kyle walks us through every vehicle in the shop right now. Check out the 1948 Ford F1, the 1930 Model A Rat Rod, and everything else we’re working on!

Model A Update

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Kyle shows us what he’s been doing to the Model A, and it’s been a lot of work! He’s been creating most of it from scratch.

64 Falcon, Week 2

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Kyle has removed the floor from the Falcon and is showing us what he’s working on to get it ready to go back into the car. What do you do when a piece is missing? You make one from scratch, of course!

64 Falcon, Week 1

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Check out the work that needs to be done on this 1964 Ford Falcon. Kyle walks us through why this classic car needs so much work and where he’ll start. This will be the first of a series of updates on the repair and restoration Kyle will be doing to this fantastic car!