Multiple Services to Fit Your Needs


This is first and most important step. This is when clients will meet with the shop Owner, Kyle Yocum, tour the shop and discuss ideas and concepts. This is what sets the stage for the whole project. Tell us your vision, and we can make it a reality!


Once we’ve got a good idea of the clients vision, we go into design mode…

This part of the process is reserved for some of the more complicated custom projects, or recreations when an original is not easily accessable.  We do this a few differant ways depending on the project. This can mean modeling specific parts out of clay and foam to get a full sized mock up with the help of a rendering done by hand or on the computer. If we are building a full body we will construct a wooden guide called a “buck” to ensure are shapes are exact.


Steel, aluminum, brass, copper, if it is metal we love it, and love working with it! Everything from repairing/rebuilding rusty original parts to customizing, and even building one off or factory exact parts.

We also offer complete coach building, when an entirely new or custom body is required.



Our paint & body crew is highly skilled and capable of the most intensive custom paint jobs, accurate “as factory” restoration paint work, and even the occasional late model collision job.  


We do not offer this service in house, but are happy to work together with the upohlsterer to get the job done. We have several amazing upholstery shops that we love working with on anything from a custom one off interior to an exact copy of what your car came with from the factory.


Once paint and upholstery are complete we’re ready for final assembly. We will go through every nut and bolt during the reassembly process, making sure no detail is missed. When your car is done with assembly it will receives a final detailed cleaning to make sure that your car is show room ready before you drive it home.